A design-led company creating luxury office and commercial spaces that build community. Welcome to big sky dwellings .



303 & 305 Robinson St.


The duplex at 303 & 305 South Robinson are located in the heart of Tehachapi and a stroll away from downtown restaurants, beautiful city park and the BK Theater.

301 Green St. A, B & C


301 Green street is located in downtown Tehachapi and is being renovated as a 1450 sq ft modern commercial space. This property will be ready in the summer 2018

212 Green St.


The Library is a 6886 sq ft commercial building located in the heart of downtown Tehachapi. This mid century modern building is a key community hub for the city housing the Kern County Library.



Big Sky Dwellings has taken an old worn out duplex and transformed it into a level of commercial development never seen in our city. Ryan and his team at Big Sky are an amazing group of people that thoroughly understand the importance of high quality in their work and customer service.

Greg Garret - Tehachapi City Manager