The Library.

The libray is open as of Dec 4th 2017 and leased to the Kern County Library. 



The Library is a 6886 sq ft commercial building located in the heart of downtown Tehachapi. This mid century modern building will be a key community hub for the city.


Not Available



Amazing reviews!

The community is thrilled!

"Big Sky Dwellings did an amazing job transforming the old, vacant Masonic temple building in downtown Tehachapi into a beautiful new home for the Kern County Library.  The community is thrilled with their new center for learning." 

                                                                                              - Supervisor Zack Scrivner, District 2


Recording History!

“Awesome to be a part of recording the history of the new library!” "The community loves it!"

— C.J. Tehachapi News

Incredibly beautiful building!

“What an incredibly beautiful building. Fantastic job creating a great library.”

— J.Z. Teacher





6804 sq ft of modern commercial space. Not available.