Big Sky Dwellings is a family held design-led real estate investment company with a platform covering all real estate classes.

Big Sky has developed a strong reputation for creating value by repositioning under-utilized, mismanaged, and/or under-performing properties, including multifamily, retail and office assets. Big Sky adds significant value to the properties it acquires by adding high design and a reputable operations and management team, leveraged with Big Sky’s in-house construction, legal, accounting, sales, and marketing departments.

Big Sky has been recognized by the press and state and local officials for its contributions to the communities in which its assets are located.

Big Sky’s strategy is to acquire under-performing income-producing assets that offer medium to long-term appreciation and the potential for revenue growth through great design and hands-on management.

Big Sky is focused on acquiring assets in all sectors, with a particular interest in commercial assets that foster and promote community.


“Wonderful for our community!”

"Conratulations! Wonderful for our community"

— Michelle Vance. Tehachapi RPD District Manager


" It is so awesome and beautiful!"

— Y.G.



"Excited to spend time in this beautiful place!"

— Mike and Cathy Hensler


"Fantastically freely fun!" 

— D.T. 4th grade school teacher